Survey services


Boundary Survey


 SynTier utilizes the latest in industry technology, SynTier accurately defines boundaries on all types of private and public projects.  SynTier has experience plotting and retracing legal descriptions that encompass simple lot and block descriptions, extensive highway right-of-way mapping, aliquot parts and PLSS sections.  Compiling an accurate depiction of property lays the foundation for sound design and development.  Our survey team can establish boundaries for all your project needs and wants.

Aerial Topography mapping


Aerial Topography

SynTier surveyors measure natural features and elevations for the design of future developments.  Our team utilizes the latest technology and equipment; including GNSS receivers, robotic total stations, digital levels and UAVs. We can scale our services and level of detail to suit the needs of any project, in any region and for different types or terrain. The SynTier survey team utilizes AutoCAD and Civil3D for drafting deliverables. Our survey managers implement a thorough QA/QC process with various checkpoints throughout the project, with accurate information and depictions for specific civil design and future construction projects.


ALTa Survey


These are an important piece of creating fundamental plans for any new development.  SynTier will establish legal and certified designations for future sales, and can approve new or existing land titles.  Our expert land surveyors are specially trained to provide precious details for labeling established property lines, current utilities and any significant observations required to insure a property or future work site.   At the same time, we can show zoning and future flood zone restrictions of future work sites.


Land Division

Land Division







Utility Planning


SynTier considers this a vital piece to all of our services. Our team is well versed in utility research and work with affected utility purveyors to plot the best available information on underground utilities based on above ground features, as-built maps, and purvey located marks.

Elevation Certification


Elevation Cert.


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