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Aspen Heights

Location:  Pullman, WA

Design:  2020

Construction:  2020-Present

Aspen Heights is a 23-acre student housing development on the North side of Pullman. This project consists of 200 duplex buildings and a communal clubhouse facility. SynTier Engineering has provided the civil and surveying services for this development.  Our team’s civil site design includes; layout, roadway, utility, grading, and drainage design. SynTier’s survey department provided all; topographic, boundary, and ALTA surveys.  SynTier has also been a part of the construction assistance team with an approved City of Pullman land rezone application prior to project kickoff.  Our construction assistance department has provided coordination during all construction activities and inspections on site throughout development.

Cottages at the Aquatic Center

Location:  Clarkston, WA

Design:  2019-2020

Construction:  2020-Present

The single-family residential development consisted of 59 homes over 7+ acres.  SynTier Engineering provided the Civil Engineering support on the project, including stormwater design of the infiltration facilities and overflow structures.  SynTier Engineering also provided grading quantity calculations and verification utilizing aerial drones and conventional survey techniques.

Hills on Grand

Location:  Pullman, WA

Design:  2018-2019

Construction:  2019

The Hills on Grand is a roughly 60-acre student housing development located adjacent to SR27 on the North end of Pullman, WA. This project consisted of design and construction of 396 housing units and 1100 beds. Tom and Ross provided the project management, design and value engineering for this project. Their design experience consisted of site layout, roadway, utility and grading. Our team also provided the surveying services for this site including topographic, boundary, and ALTA surveys. In addition to civil engineering design, surveying, and project management tasks, our team assisted with construction administration and inspections throughout the duration of the project.


The SR27 Highway Widening included roughly 2,000 feet of linear improvements to the existing highway. The improvements for this site consisted of highway and intersection design, remediation for existing city utilities, as well as the construction of additional private and public drainage lines. 

Fairmont Estates

Location:  Spokane, WA

Design:  2020-2021

Construction:  2020-Present

This project for SynTier includes 73 single-family housing lots on the Southeast side of Spokane Valley.  This is a subdivision project that has been broken into three phases of 27, 29 and 17 units per phase.  Each phase of the project will include site grading and erosion control, roadway-, stormwater-, utility-design and pedestrian ADA access.  Stormwater analysis has determined the need for infiltration treatment needs and construction of two onsite stormwater pond systems.


SynTier will provide grading and drainage design, coupled with earthwork analysis for the entirety of the project.  This allows seamless transition from phase to phase, saving time and money throughout construction of this project.  SynTier will also play a vital role in providing construction assistance from start to finish on this project, ensuring client needs are being met and construction timelines are on track.

Paradise Hills

Location:  Pullman, WA

Design:  2017-Present

Construction:  2018-Present

Paradise Hills Subdivision is a 75-lot multi-phase development in the Military Hill neighborhood of Northwest Pullman.  The project included the coordination with the construction of the new Kamiak Elementary School.  Scott provided project management and coordination with the various contractors and design team of Kamiak Elementary as well as the stormwater quality and quantity treatment analysis and design.    Scott also assisted with the road design and mass grading.  During construction, SynTier was responsible for the CESCL inspections, construction coordination between the subdivision contractor and the City of Pullman, Whitman County, Pullman School District, the School District contractor, architect, and engineers.


SynTier Engineering has performed modifications and design services for the last two phases of the development.  This required SynTier to provide the permitting, analysis, design, construction inspection, and as-builts for construction of the ponds to meet all construction documents.