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Survey Team

Jason Von LIndern, PLS SynTier Engineering
Jason Von Lindern, PLS

Pullman Survey  Manager

Sr Associate

Pullman, WA

Jason is the Survey in Responsible Charge.  He is well versed in the challenges of the area.

Taylor Hussey, LSIT SynTier Engineering
Taylor Hussey, LSIT

Survey Project Manager

Pullman, WA

 Currently working towards a Bachelor’s in Applied Science in Interdisciplinary Studies that focuses on Land Surveying, with five years of surveying experience.

Darrel Carsten, PLS SynTier Engineering
Darrel Carsten, PLS

Spokane Survey Manager


Spokane, WA

Darrel has 36 years of experience across the northwest.  He is the Associate of SynTier and the Spokane survey manager.

Spener McNamara SynTier Engineering
Spencer McNamara

Survey Field Crew Manager

Pullman, WA

Born and raised in Moses Lake, WA, Spencer received a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth & Environmental Science from Washington state University in 2020. 

Karl Stirling SynTier Engineering
Karl Stirling

Survey Project Manager

Spokane, WA


Karl has over 20 years of experience and is expanding SynTier's ability to provide Land Surveying in the greater Spokane region.

Billy Sims SynTier Engineering
Billy Sims

Survey Crew Chief

Spokane, WA

Born and raised in Freeman, WA. Billy started his surveying career in November of 2020. 

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