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Civil Engineering services

Site Design 

Site Design

Site Design

SynTier has the ability to take our clients building concepts and develop a site plan that effectively utilizes the surrounding area and enhance the site.  Our experience with residential, commercial, industrial and multi-family housing; works with the topography of the land for a constructible, economical and efficient design.

Stormwater design

Stormwater Design


SynTier's stormwater design services extend across multiple states, jurisdictions and site conditions.   Our team has worked all over the Northwest.  Our services for quality and quantity mitigation of stormwater include regional design; and site-specific, detention, retention and infiltration design.  SynTier also provides bio-filtration swales, bio-infiltraytion swales and mechanical treatment design.  Our stormwater services include culvert and drainage basin analysis. 

Roadway design

Roadway Deisgn


SynTier specializes in the design of new roadways, as well as the reconstruction and improvements to existing roads.  Our experience with private and public roadway design gives our team the expertise to effectively create designs that maximize the use of surrounding land.  We excel in design, specifically targeted towards large and small subdivisions, with a specialization for commercial and industrial development.  

Utility Design